Yea, that's me.

Demonstrating proper form while taking a photo. For all the angles. Hi, I'm Greg, I'm from San Francisco, CA and have lived in the Bay Area my entire life. Like most, my first real camera was for a vacation (Japan!) and the love for creating has been growing ever since. I knew my short attention span would eventually come in handy, as I am always looking around searching for nothing in particular, until something catches my eye (read: shiny). We all see the world a different way, and I am here to show you the beauty of the world, through my eyes. My focus is portraits, with a background in weddings, however I take joy in shooting no matter who (or what) the subject is. Adults, children, pets, gardening tools, and more. Nothing is off limits.

I am always looking for others to work with, so if you have an idea, shoot me a line on my contact page (link below!) . Also head over to my Instagram to see the latest content.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Greg :)